Songbirds Lie

by The Scene Is Now

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CD released by Tongue Master Records of London, UK

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released August 23, 2004

The Scene Is Now: Philip Lester Dray, Steven Levi, Chris Nelson, Greg Peterson. All selections and production: The Scene Is Now.

Honky-Ass Punks: Robert Dennis (drums) and Sue Garner (bass).

Recorded and mixed at Coyote Studios, Brooklyn, New York between June 2001 and December 2002. Engineers: Albert Caiati, Jason Spittle.

"Angelique" recorded at The Ranch, East Jewett, NY, August 2001. Engineer: Ethan Tarnow. Mixed at The Muleyard, Brooklyn, NY; Production Assistance: Rick Brown.

Mastered at Abbey Road by Steve Rooke

Thanks to Neil Furio

All songs (C) and (P) The Scene Is Now 2003



all rights reserved


The Scene Is Now New York, New York

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Track Name: Machiavelli
A man must know how to act like a beast
Or a half-man and a half-beast
But foxiness should be well concealed

What is your plan?
Whisper, you sly Niccolo
I'll let myself be decieved

It is safer to be feared than loved
So I come before you as a lion
My foxiness should be well concealed

I have a plan
Listen, my sweet Niccolo
Please let yourself be deceived

Good reasons can always be found
To call a pact null and void
Such as the size of my kingdom

Men are naïve
Sadly my poor Niccolo
There's nothing else to believe
Track Name: Going to Where It's Green
If the sun tries to shine today
I'm gonna get away
Go down and rent a car
Jump on the FDR
Foot down on the gas
I'll be gone so fast
Going to where it's green
I'm going to the country

I might get stuck in traffic
The car might just break down
Or get lost in the forest
And never ever ever be found

There might be bears up there
And ticks that get in my hair
The hair is so damn clean
I better bring a magazine
I might fall and break my neck
But I'm going what the heck
Going to where it's green
Going to the country

The woods are dark and lonely
Hear those beastly sounds
When I go up the mountain
I might never ever ever come down

The rustic life can bore
Chore after chore chore
And with all that time to think
I'm thinking about a shrink
It's still freezing in the lake
But I'm going, no mistake
Going to where it's green
Going to the country
Track Name: Falling Leaves
Fragrant, the viscous potion
from the evergreen
Tempts you from your final flight
The snare unseen
And as the liquid stills
Your beating wings
Dwell upon the flowers yet to bloom
The gilded summer meadow and in fall
Tumbling one by one the colored leaves

So hard the amber frozen
That arrests your flight
Who commands so fine a tomb
Filled with golden light?
Once again the sun defines
Your iridescent wing
It will call the flowers forth to bloom
Gild the summer meadow and in fall
Color one by one the falling leaves
Track Name: The West
West of here there ain’t but a trackless waste
Much too harsh a land for a guy like you
Buddy you should know that it’s hardly the place
When you ain’t got a friend with a dime to his name

So sit right down
We’ll deal a hand of fire ants
We don’t need to know your name
We’ll stake you to a dollar and a beam of light
Lantern burns the harvest flame

The west
A kingdom built from sand
Mountains blue and blue
In the twilight to the well and back

Golden monarch sips from a tangy lime
Muddy waters sweep through the iron town
Buddy you should know that it’s hardly the place
When you ain’t got a friend with a dime to his name

So kingsize toes
You better run the hoodoo line
Cause it’s you they’re gonna blame
They’ll hunt you for a dollar or a paragraph
You forgot the boss’s name

Drop dead
A column turned to stone
Feet nailed through and through
Pass those buckets down to hell and back
Track Name: Inching Along
Split a tangerine in the desert
Home then
Photos curled and brown

And the soldier turned around,
turned looking for the flag of red
Everybody shout it: Tally ho!

And they’ll not be satisfied
Until they drop the genius bomb
When the mocking siren sounds
No need to hide

The death for me
Oboes offstage
Polished olive wood

And you let them thrash around
the garden with their megaphones
All the local satraps
cut their own pop tunes

Split a girl's heart
Wrapped in bandages
A red fan
Loved one never came back

Venetian cloudburst
With blinds drawn,
Smoke the morning away
A body lives,
Barely inching along
Mild vertigo
(as below)

If man were free
He’d go way beyond the stars
Consume a thousand jars
Track Name: Maddie Sloane
Oh Maddie Sloan
You’ll thank him one blue day
So stop your crying
You’re all alone

A jolt to dance your bones
Bleach and pumice stones

You had the wheel
He lit your cigarette
You had to wonder
If he was sane

A drop of dew
Shone on the trembling blade
For just a moment
Then it was gone

The jailer came
With word that Georgie’d gone
Said when we fried him
We sang this song

A jolt to dance your bones
Bleach and pumice stones
Bullfrog thrumming low
Shredded calico
Screaming through the town
Coppers brought him down
Light me up again
Wouldn’t you, for a friend?
Track Name: The Monkey Climbs
When you’re old and wise like me, little girl
Then perhaps you will see
That the monkey climbs up through the calabash
to the top of the tree

Fetch me my viewing glass
I believe that just through the jungle there
Is where the world ends

When you’re grey and bent like me buddy boy
Then most likely you’ll see
Though the reptile suns on the river bank
He is not really free

Hand me my spectacles
We must note all that happened here
Just before the world ends
Track Name: Mediocre Wedding Band
Sally went and lost her head, every hour drags her down so deep
Though she spends all day in bed she cannot sleep
Tears in her eyes

Alvin stumbles home at dawn when the gutter doesn't claim him first
He fears he will be dying soon but not of thirst

Sally is still awake, surely there's been a mistake
In the wee hours, she haunted by strains of
A mediocre wedding band

Under a mirrored ball, they began their long fall
A tune by the BeeGees, one by Chicago
A mediocre wedding band

Casio and blaring sax rattling the chandeliers
Tambourine and Fender Rhodes usher in a veil of tears

Dearly beloved, why are we gathered here today?
Speak now, or forever hold your peace.

There were some lovely wedding gifts, Uncle Billy's an Italian clock
Torturing poor Sally with each measured tick
And every tock

Its tempo brings her nightmare back to that evening when her dreams were dashed
By eleven she and Alvin were both smashed

Sweating in tulle and a tux
Rented for 200 bucks
She'd wanted a d.j., but he went and hired
A mediocre wedding band
Track Name: Libertyville
Woke up late, missed the alarm
Gotta buy a rooster if not a whole farm
Out on the town, paintin' it red
My honey prefers chartreuse instead

Sweetheart I love you
Come here and lie down
Let's get real cozy
Under the eiderdown

Tunnel of love leads through the dark
You’d be crazy to head in there on a lark
Why don’t you set back, read me the Times
I dig the news, least when it rhymes

Sweetheart I pledge you
My silent vow
Who needs forever?
We're loving right now

Remember that June in Libertyville?
Those grifters picked us clean
Under a velvet moon
Hey come back here with that spoon!

Bottle of wine, bucket o' gin
So I mixed 'em together, what, it's a sin?
Twist my hip, twist my knee
C'mon Prince, try and dance like me

Sweetheart I pledge you
My silent vow
Who needs forever?
We're loving right now

Caught your number on MTV
I think that was you, as a bumblebee?
You win the lottery every night
Tear up the ticket, turn out the light

Sweetheart I don't need
A nod or a sign
Might hop a freighter
But I’ll drop you a line
Track Name: Rialto
You’re on page 38
Of Wise Blood
You don’t like Hazel Motes
Or preachers
You like that glary light
Makes his blue suit purple.

Ride that Greyhound, baby cried
Take you round the jazzed up fever of the Great White Way
A holiday for those who wander

You’ve seen that light before
In Hitchcock
You weren’t frightened then
You are now
Buzzing fluorescent lights
Breaking up your headphones

Ride that rocket, baby cried
Take it round the jazzed up ruins of the Great White Way

You told your sorry tale
For nothing
“Lonely Planet Boy”
You’ve come back prodigal
To dance among the footlights.

Ride that rocket, USA
Can’t go any higher so take it low
A holiday for those who wander
Track Name: Angelique
Angelique tottered along Gansevoort Street
Her platforms were killing her, I mean really killing her
About 4:50 a.m.
Honky-ass punks falling out of Florent
The eastern sky made her a little uneasy, it was pearly and all
No warm Jersey cars in sight
Time to call it a night
Time to head over to 10th and catch the M11 uptown

Angelique closed her eyes on Hamilton Place
Her platforms were killing her, I mean really killing her
About 6:10 a.m.
Daily News bundles tumbled onto the curb
Headlined “Money to Burn”
Pink palisades to the west, she’d never been
Three more blocks and four flights
Out of those damn shoes, and zone in front of Blondie Goes Latin
Oh Angelique, fall asleep and dream