Tonight We Ride

by The Scene Is Now

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Originally released on Lost - Twin/Tone Records (TTL87127).
Reissued on CD December 9, 2008 by Lexicon Devil Records.

Songs (C) and (P) 1988 The Scene Is Now
CD Package (C) 2008 Lexicon Devil Records

Vinyl and CD versions will soon be made available for purchase on bandcamp.


released February 14, 1988

The Scene Is Now: Dick Champ, Philip Dray, Tony Maimone, Jeff McGovern, Chris Nelson, WIll Rigby. All songs by The Scene Is now.
Backing vocals: Angel Dean on "Hepsy Brown," Lianne Smith on "Take the Local," Saxophones: Frank Slattery.

Text borrowed from William Shakespeare for "Full Fathom Five" and from Donald Barthelme for "Tofu Golf Course."

Remastered in 2008 by Jennifer Munson at Taloowa Mastering.

Thanks to Jan Dale and Greg Peterson.



all rights reserved


The Scene Is Now New York, New York

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Track Name: Moonlight Broil
Moonlight, moonlight finds you sleeping
Lazy evening time has come
Dream on, my little one

Ball and chain
Timeless air
Oh oh oh oh oh

Hummin, crickets seem to whisper
Sleep tight / ‘til tomorrow comes
Carefree, my little one

Summer, fireflies are blinkin’
Tired hours rolling by
Good night, my little one

Skull alone
Fun house door
Oh oh oh oh oh

Sandman, sandman will come calling
Take you to the clouds above
Drift off, my little one

Tilt-a-whirl / Ghostly chill
Oh oh oh oh / Lullaby
Track Name: Digest
The needle bounced
Across the phonograph
Freed from its course
In the spiral track

Distant rumbling
In the ground below
Foundations crumbling
Way down there so
Better sleep lightly, liebchen
Take up the lantern
And we’ll go

Sirens whistle
‘Neath the yallow moon
The singer’s rasp
The drums, the mandolin

Head down, Ringo
Past the iron gate
Maple silver
Draw your coat up tightly
Gypsies will come to drive us
Here we go

Tourist bus arrives
In Menlo Park
Fours of sleep a night
That’s all he needs

Top starts spinning
And the needle skips
Bass is rumbling
Merry were all the muses
The tapes are rolling
Ready, go
Track Name: California
A fish of bones
The fortunate prey
Let your hand tell you
Let your hand tell you
I know we will go
To the hole in the day
To celebrate
An occasion
We’ll have a fish
and a butter fried apple

Repeat verse

John’s in love with you
So let your hand tell you
So let your hand tell you
Good enough, good enough, good enough, good enough

Repeat verse

John’s in love with you
So let your hand tell you
So let your hand tell you
What is this text but something to play with.
Track Name: Tofu Golfcourse
Some fathers live in filthy old cabins
High in the mountains
And make murderous noises
Deep in their throats
When their amazingly sharp ears detect
On the floor of the valley
An alien step

(from The Dead Father by Donald Barthelme)
Track Name: Pinwheel
We’d have such a fantastic time at the fair
If you’d come on along
We’ll all be waiting
Sitting there anticipating
Keeping an eye open
When the monorail comes passing by

There will be a corkscrew slide
And all the way down
You can hold the pinwheel we’ll buy
We’re flying high

You say you don’t want to go
To the fair
You just want to stay home
If a carnival sunset and a cotton candy moon
Won’t entice you
To stay all afternoon
Whatever will?
Track Name: Pickle Barrel
Just 24 hours from the vine to the brine
But you gotta let ‘em soak for a long, long time
Oh the well made pickle
Is a taste sublime

Well reach into that barrel wide
Grab one of them pickles floatin’ inside
Yeah, it’ll be sour
But oh so fine, fine fine

There’s a rod in pickle for you my son
Spared not spoiled you’ll become

Life may have its salty sting
But a pickle is enough
To make me sing
Took a tumble into the brine

Like the pickle, I’ll last a long time

Pickle barrel, pickle barrel, pickle barrel, pickle barrel
Track Name: Dinah Shore
That’s a lotta beer
Outside it’s cold
Up ahead the film they’re showing
Is old Dinah Shore

Well, hold on Dinah
Don’t let go
Hold on, hold on
You’ll wind up poor

Wind up poor
Like Dinah Shore
No more ticker tape snow
She had to blow her own horn
Her clothes were kind of loose around her

Take the road to Surrey
Bring a parasol
If your head aches in the cold wind
Find the door

Hold on Surrey
And don’t let go
Hold on, hold on
You’ll ruin the floor

Ruin the floor
Girl next door
That’s Amore
Was playing on the radio
She picked up that box
And threw it to the street below
Track Name: Tin Roof
Tin roof, a whinin' wind
Placard with the smoker's grin
Rustle of the palm fronds
All along, all along

Overturned the blue canoe
Weather is a memory
Against the stone meal is ground
Sizzling fat, dry blood brown

Round about the vendors cry
Chicken, pork, a yellow sky
Waves above the road stone wall
Running tune that is the Fall

Night ends like this, a dream of soup stirring
Night ends like this, not with souls burning
Night ends like this

The great weakness was the silence in the face of the lie
The powerful are as glorious as the fruit that lies under the tree

Market stall the beans laid out
Thirsty seeds for this amount
Umber fingers sweating count
All along, all along

Severed joints, bone pile scrap
Swarming flies, a thunderclap
Dust will rise before the rain
Wooden room in standing cane

To know the world beyond these fields
Heat and shade, another stripe
Conch shell pink and gold and white
Singing still of tropic light

Night ends like this, a dream of soup stirring
Night ends like this, not with souls burning
Night ends like this

The great stillness bids them linger by the turn in the lane
The powerless are as numerous as the pools left by the storm